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Spinal disease and/or injury, needless to say, is a very serious matter.

The spine and the nerves that it contains controls our entire bodies and has the potential to cause great discomfort for many reasons and causes.

If you are here because you have a back ache, serious injury or disease you need to proceed cautously and do your homework and research. Get multiple opinions and seek out the best doctors you and your medical insurance coverage can afford.

There are very Big and Respected names in Medicine and they include Major Clinics, Universities, Hospitals and Private Practitioners. Seek them out and satisfy yourself that you are comfortable with the physicians and institutions you choose to utilize, but continue to ask questions so you gain a complete understanding of your individual situation as you progress through your treatment.

Additionally, keep a positive attitude as your mental state is important to your recovery.

Give your physician team your respect and consideration as well as questions.

Do your part in your treatment diligently and you will get diligent attention from your medical professionals.

It is hard for everyone, including your families and friends to help if you don't help yourself. It is important that your care givers be motivated too and you can contribute to that in a big way by your cooperation and full participation.

Nearly everyone has some back problem to a degree and we hope these resources assist you on your journey to recovery. Don't limit your research and discovery to just the resources you find here, but pro-actively seek additional information but be careful of the sources as there is also not so good information and opinions out there.

Also work closely with your medical team on any "Alternative" treatments and medications. Your condition is too serious to not leave to an informed medical professional.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please use the contact link below. Thank you and Good Luck.

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